Catching up

It's been so long since I posted anything. For awhile, I lost interest to blog, I felt I don't have anything interesting to say and my creative juice is gone. But guess what, as of Friday, I felt to urge to write again...

Let see, here's the recap of something significant in my career since my last post-

1. Earned my Fellowship. No more actuarial exams!!!
2. Rotated to a new position
3. Got a promotion- now I have a team of 4 to manage!

Life has been great and I feel grateful for everything so far.

Like what A likes to say, You've come a long way, baby...You've come a long way...

But the thing is- You still have a long way to go, baby!


Anonymous said...

Hi Im wondering about the Actuary.. are there any advantages? are you affiliated with

NovusInitium said...

Congratulations on your fellowship! Must have been quite a journey.